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What is MEGA?

MEGA is a mobile cloud disk application specially created for Android users. It provides cloud storage, upload, download, encryption, transmission, and other functions. With unlimited traffic and permanent space, it helps users encrypt transmission at any time, share at any time, and unlock the ultimate cloud disk experience!


After uploading files from smartphones and tablets, you can search, save, download, stream, view, share, rename and delete files from any device at any time. You can share folders with your contacts to see updates at any time.

What's the use of MEGA?

MEGA is a secure cloud storage service with end-to-end encryption, which allows you to upload files to the cloud on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

How many GB are available in MEGA?

With our huge free limit of 20 GB, MEGA is one of the most generous cloud services on the Internet. To further increase your free storage space, you can join our achievements program - simple and fun! When you install our MEGA application on your desktop, you get 5 GB of free storage. The validity period is 365 days.

Can I download MEGA on my PC?

Compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux, including synchronization between different platforms. The MEGA desktop application allows you to transfer any file directly from your MEGA cloud or file link to your favorite player.

What was MEGA called before?

MEGA was established after Megaupload, a file-hosting website was seized and closed by the US Department of Justice on January 19, 2012. The US Department of Justice began to file criminal proceedings against its owner.

How does MEGA make money?

As shown on the homepage of the website, it charges for storage space larger than 50GB. This is how they generate income, although whether they profit from it is quite another matter. How does MEGA make money (Kim Dotcom 2013 startup)?

Is MEGA 20 GB free for life?

It has 20GB of permanent storage, which is already one of the most generous free programs. Most importantly, there are several ways to expand your storage space. MEGAsync, the desktop application that installs MEGA, will provide you with 5GB of additional storage space.

How long will MEGA keep the data?

After you delete a file from the trash, we will keep the file data, metadata (such as file name), and any related thumbnail/preview image on our server for at least 60 (sixty) days.

Can MEGA see my file?

Cloud storage providers and file hosting service MEGA are very proud of their end-to-end encryption. It says it cannot decrypt your stored files, even if it wants to. "All your data on MEGA is encrypted with a key derived from your password; in other words, your password is your primary encryption key.

Can MEGA run on Chrome?

Because MEGA is encrypted end-to-end, encryption and decryption cannot be performed by our server, but your browser is responsible. The minimum browser version with necessary support is: Google Chrome version 65+Mozilla Firefox version 59+

How can I download MEGA without limitation?

MEGA imposes download restrictions based on the location of the IP address. Using VPN is the easiest way to bypass MEGA download restrictions. Downloaders using IP addresses from free proxy list sites (U.S. or international) are another way to bypass MEGA download restrictions.

How to watch MEGA videos without downloading

Click "M" on the menu bar/system tray to launch the application.

Click the three-point menu in the upper right corner of the home page, and then click Stream.

Select whether you want to stream from the cloud drive or from the public link.

Will MEGA permanently delete files?

When you delete a file or folder from MEGA, it will no longer be visible on your cloud disk. However, the file or folder will not be permanently deleted until the end of your restore window. First, your files or folders will be moved to the trash, where you can easily find and recover them.

Is MEGA 50 GB free for life?

It should be noted that MEGA's basic free storage space is 15GB out of 50GB, which can be used for a lifetime. The other 35GB will expire after 180 days of login. But you can join the Achievement Program to get extra free space.

How many GB can you transfer in MEGA?

MEGA does not have any file size limit: some users upload a single file that exceeds 3 TB. The time required to upload large files mainly depends on the available uplink bandwidth of your connection. We strongly recommend using MEGA desktop applications for robust and efficient transmission. Thank you for your feedback!

Does MEGA track your IP?

However, because Mega has labeled itself "The Privacy Company," we have to check the privacy policy of the site to see what personal information has been stored and how long it has been stored. It turns out that the company has kept quite detailed user records, including IP addresses.

What happens if the storage space on MEGA is exceeded?

When you exceed your storage limit, you will not be able to add more files to your account. This means that various functions will stop working: you can no longer upload, copy or import files to your account. Synchronization with MEGA desktop applications will stop working.

Can MEGA files be cracked?

The outstanding feature of MEGA is its end-to-end encryption. All files uploaded to the MEGA server are encrypted by the client, which means that users are the only ones who can decrypt their own data. Together with two-factor authentication, this constitutes a very secure cloud storage service.

How do I transfer files from MEGA to Google Cloud Disk?


1. Open MEGA Web, enter your account, download the files you want to copy from MEGA, and store them on the local hard disk. Step

2. Open another window and log in to your Google Drive account, click "Upload File" and wait for the process to complete.

How do I view MEGA files?

In the startup bar of the MEGA main window, click Data | Open File/Session. Click File | Open File/Session from the main menu of the MEGA window. Select an analysis or calculation from the main menu of MEGA, and you will be prompted to open a data file.

How can I get more MEGA storage?

To get a full 50GB MEGA cloud storage space, you must complete a series of achievements. These are simple things, such as downloading and installing the synchronization client, installing MEGA mobile applications, and registering MEGA with friends. Bonus space and transfer restrictions are also time limited.

Where to download MEGA App?

MEGA MOD APK Download Latest Version V6.22


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